First set of PAs: Digital Game Changers

The first set of 50 practice abstracts (PAs) have been compiled building on the collected digital tools and projects in WP1 activities, task 1.2 “Taxonomy and Inventory of Digital Game Changers”.

Each PA describes a digital tool or project, and highlights the distinctive key elements, an overview of each digital tool from both technological and socio-economic aspects.

Each PA describes a digital tool or project from the collected digital tools and projects in WP1 that applies to the agriculture domain.

  • App for eletricfied fence: a smartphone application for monitoring electrified fences
  • Ritchie Beef Monitoring Unit: weighing crate that allows individual animal weights to be recorded automatically
  • Hands Free Hectare: system of automated digital tools applied in arable farming
  • Automated Milking Systems: connected agricultural robots which can assist farmers in their daily work
  • Hoeing Robot: mechanical weed management in vegetable crops
  • Tesselo: satellite imagery through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and sectorial expertise
  • Land Melioration Cadastre: Latvian land reclamation systems
  • Agroplatforma for selling and buying grain in the internet environment
  • APOLLON: monitoring air quality
  • Agricolus: Decision Support System (DSS) that collects, analyses and interprets data from forecast models, crop scouting and remote sensing
  • Groenmonitor: measuring and tracking the development of green spaces
  • Sparter: robotic selective harvesting of white asparagus
  • De Dacom Phytophthora Lite: software application to reduce infection with better information
  • CowVision: an insightful overview of users’ agricultural chains
  • BeeKing: digital apiary management
  • Smart dairy farmer: logging and analysing data on milk to efficiently plan farm resources and operations
  • OSIPPPIT: a free web application to help farmers use digital tools to sell locally-produced products
  • DONESIDOMA: a virtual marketplace to promote farmers’ local products and connect producers with consumers
  • SatAgro: crops satellite monitoring
  • i-Farming: livestock integrated farm management system
  • Farmcafe: an online meeting space for Felimsh farmers
  • CAPSAT: using satellite data to use in CAP compliance control
  • RFID for Pigs: monitoring pigs’ health, productivity and wellbeing
  • XAG drones: Agricultural Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) for chemical treatments (precision techniques)
  • INNOSETA Platform: innovative spraying equipment training and advising
  • FARM Machine Interoperability: application to facilitate efficient machine-to-machine communication and data sharing between farm equipment and management information systems
  • SQAPP Soil Quality Assessment: an easy-to-use tool that brings global soil data into the decision-making sphere of and users and other interested individuals
  • WAZIUP Fish Farming MVP: measuring the water quality of fish ponds

Each PA describes a digital tool or project from the collected digital tools and projects in WP1 that applies to the forestry domain.

Each PA describes a digital tool or project from the collected digital tools and projects in WP1 that applies to the rural areas domain.

Second set of PAs: Needs, Expectations and Impacts of Digitalisation

The second set of 21 practice abstracts (PAs) summarise the results of the Need, Expectations and Impact reports that DESIRA Living Labs prepared as part of their work of WP2.

Each PA describes the context, the focal question chosen by each Living Lab, and highlights the distinctive key needs and expectations for the future. The aim is in providing descriptions on how digitalisation is understood and reflected by rural actors in different contexts. The Living Labs cover a wide range of themes and application scenarios related to agriculture, forestry, and rural development.

  1. Oosterwold (NL) – Oosterwold, The Netherlands
  2. Central Ostrobothnia (FI) – Biovalley Finland: Circular economy
  3. Rhineland-Palatinate (DE) – Digitalisation and local administrations 
  4. Rural Poland (PL) – Geodesign in Rural Poland
  5. Latvia (LV) – Digital marketing strategy
  6. Lake Constance (DE) – Socio-cyber-physical system of the Lake Constance
  7. Austria (AT) – Round wood traceability 
  8. North Great Plain (HU) – Digitalisation in the North Great Plain region
  9. Switzerland (CH) – Digitalised weed control
  10. Northern Greece (GR) – Digital services for rural and farmer communities in Northern Greece
  11. Trikala (GR) – Sustainable water management
  12. Adriatic Region (HR) – Socio-economic impact of digitisation of Croatian agriculture rural areas
  13. Apennine Region (IT) – Timber regulation wood-energy traceability in Italy
  14. Tuscany (IT) – Digital technologies to reduce hydrogeological risks in Italy
  15. Andalucia (ES) – The future of forest firefighting in Andalucia
  16. Aragon (ES) – Maestrazgo and Gúdar-Javalambre Digilab
  17. New Aquitaine (FR) – Inno’vin using digital for agro-ecological transition and competitiveness
  18. Burgundy-Franche-Comté (FR) – Innovations in favour of agro-ecological transition in agriculture
  19. Scotland (GB) –  Digitalisation impacts for a crofting community in Scotland
  20. West Flanders (BE) – Digitalisation and ammonia emissions in Flanders
  21. Cloughjordan (IE) – Digitalisation & Resilient rural Livelihoods in Cloughjordan ecovillage
Third set of PAs: Use Cases and Showcase Technology

The third and last batch of 7 practice abstracts (PAs) summarises the results of the Use Case report that DESIRA Living Labs prepared as part of their work on the WP3. These abstracts describe the socio-cyber-physical systems and technology developments that address emerging agricultural, forestry, and rural challenges.